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1st Round Eye Candy: Jarvis Jones

Today we take a peek at some first round draft targets for the Jets to consider.

Sam Greenwood

I'm back! It feels good to be writing again. Between my new job, and the storm, I have not had much time to share all my premature draft talk with you guys. Then again, if you look at how this season is going, the draft talk might not be too premature at all. We will have a lot of holes to fill next year, and the draft is one of the best ways to fill them. I will get into some later round prospects, once April is near. For now, I want to get everyone acquainted with the 1st round talent out there.

Jarvis Jones: OLB/DE- Georgia- 6'3"/241

I will start things off with the best defensive player in the draft. Jarvis Jones is the definition of a big play defender. When you need a big impact the most, Jones is the guy you look for. Can any of you guys name a big play player on our defense now? You can say Revis, but his position allows teams to just avoid him. A premier pass rusher like Jones would make an instant impact on this defense.

Wilkerson and Coples are showing signs of life with each passing week, but there still seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing. I can't stand seeing Pace and Thomas line up as our OLBers. No one is going to be afraid of them. Luckily teams probably won't have to not fear them for much longer. They should both be gone next year. This leaves a huge void at the OLBer position.

Jones is a top 5 prospect, that will be in high demand. His size and speed, will remind many of Maybin, but his ferocious style of play, reminds me more of Von Miller. Having a talent like Jones' rushing the passer, will open things up for Wilkerson and Coples. With the way this season is going, a top 5 pick might not be as far fetched as we hope it will be. I feel like we will have either 7 or 8 wins.

One thing I will never do, is guarantee anything, but Jones is as close to a sure thing as there is in this draft. There may be one guys who I am even more certain about, but I will get to T'eo some other time.

Jarvis Jones stats to date: 1 INT, 32 tackles, 14 TFL, 8.5 sacks, 2 Passes Broken Up, 9 QB Hurries, 5 Forced Fumbles