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Jets Rebound in a Solid Victory Over Rams

Gang Green stays alive, improves to 4-6.

Chaz Schilens (#85) celebrates like a Jet.
Chaz Schilens (#85) celebrates like a Jet.
David Welker

Everything clicked today as the Jets soundly beat the St. Louis Rams on the road, 27-13. The Jets denied Brian Schottenheimer revenge and kept the season afloat while Mark Sanchez preserved his job and kept critics at bay at least for a few more days. There really hasn't been a game this well played since week 1 against Buffalo. If the Jets and their coaches could execute like this every week, Rex and company could have a genuine shot down the stretch.

It's really way too soon to talk about the playoffs (Playoffs?!). Too much has to happen externally in addition to the Jets needing to win out for me to consider that right now given the majority of play this season, even if the teams schedule is soft outside of New England from this point on out.

This actually kind of complicates things. Last week the team had its back against a wall and even our fearless leader was suggesting that the trigger be pulled on Tim Tebow. Tebow was largely a ghost and didn't look so great when he was in the game, while Mark Sanchez quietly built a good game and the team-wide effort and execution was nothing of great with the exception of a sloppy and inconsistent special teams plays. What happened to you, Westhoff? You've changed, man. You used to be cool.

Celebrate below. Official recap guest featuring the Bro Namath experience will be up ASAP.