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Antonio Cromartie Leads AFC Cornerbacks in Pro Bowl Balloting

Cro leads the way

Al Bello

If you are looking for a bit of good news, Antonio Cromartie currently leads the balloting for AFC cornerbacks in Pro Bowl voting.

This is richly deserved. People say Cro has raised his game once Darrelle Revis got hurt, but he was truthfully excellent last year also.

Cromartie is no Revis. The Jets can't do schematically with Cromartie what they do with Darrelle. That should not take away from the year Antonio is having, though. As Pro Football Focus notes, Cro is one of sixteen corners averaging less than one receiving yard allowed per snap in coverage and only one reception per every 14.7 snaps in coverage, which puts him sixth (among corners who have played at least half of their team's snaps).

Vote for Cro and other Jets (or at least any Jets you can stand at this point) to go to the Pro Bowl here.