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Rex Must GO!

With the locker room in chaos for a second year...Has Rex Ryan lost all respect from his players?

Nick Laham

This season has been a complete sham for the New York Jets. At this point it is time for the Jets to part ways with GM Mike Tannenbaum and Head Coach Rex Ryan.

Today's report of several players criticizing Tim Tebow has once again shown us how dysfunctional the Jets locker room has become under Rex Ryan. A season ago Rex was criticized heavily when the team lost composure down the stretch and bashed one another in the media. The issue between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes caused a rift within the locker room and once out in media, the Jets organization was painted in a bad light.

A year later we have the same issue. Several "Anonymous" (coward) Jets players told a New York Daily news reporter that Tim Tebow is a terrible quarterback, is nothing more then an athlete but not a quarterback. Now... I understand that Tim Tebow doesn’t have the conventional skill set of a Pro quarterback. Yes, he can’t throw for the life of him. But seriously... to expose these sentiments in the media and call out Tebow, whom I might add, doesn’t even see the field for the majority of games, is absolute bush league and disgraceful. Tim Tebow has done nothing less then what has been asked of him. Whether Rex Ryan wanted him or not, Tebow has been a team player all season and certainly did not warrant this blatant disrespect.

This latest report further reveals how much disconnect and lack of respect Rex has in the locker room. These Jets players don’t respect Rex Ryan. They parade themselves in the media with no regard as to how it will reflect upon their coach. The more they say, the worst Rex looks, but they don’t seem to care. In a press conference today Rex said he feels this team is a very close unit. C’mon Rex! Sell that junk elsewhere. You can’t tell me that you have a close, unified, group. The locker room turned on Tim Tebow!! This guy might be the nicest person in the world, the second coming of Christ himself, and you have teammates talking badly about him…it’s absolutely ridiculous.

This team doesn’t care whom they throw under the bus. Teammates, coaches, the organization… Everyone seems to be fare game. Where is the leadership on this team? And where is Mark Sanchez in all of this? Last I checked, Sanchez is the quarterback playing terribly, not Tebow. Sanchez is the quarterback with the lowest completion percentage in the league! A year ago anonymous Jets players came out and criticized Sanchez in the media for his poor play. Nick Mangold came to the defense of Sanchez. Who will stand up for Tebow?

For the sake of the franchise and the fans, Rex Ryan has to go and new leadership must take over. It’s no surprise that the Patriots and Steelers organizations don’t have these issues and are successful as a result. Those teams have leaders that command, and demand, the respect of their players. Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick don’t worry about their players parading in the media and pointing fingers.

The quote says "Attitude reflects leadership." Right now leadership in this organization is in question.

It was a great first two seasons under Rex Ryan. He brought this organization instant success and back page publicity, but his welcome is wearing out fast. He has allowed this team to become an embarrassment on, and off, the field. Sure, Rex is responsible for putting the Jets back on the map, and he deserves credit for it. But many of those reasons for being relevant once again, are all the wrong reasons.