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Jets Sign Kahlil Bell; Cut Aaron Maybin

Jets make a roster move.

Scott Boehm

With Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight banged up, Cimini reports the Jets have signed running back Kahlil Bell.

#Jets sign RB Kahlil Bell, according to league source.

Kimberly Martin reports Aaron Maybin was cut.

Source: OLB Aaron Maybin was cut. #nyj

Bell got the only extended work of his career at the tail end of last season for Chicago. He had 280 yards on the ground in the final four games of 2011 on 64 carries, an average of 4.3. He also added 19 catches for 133 yards in that span. Bell isn't really a guy who overwhelms me in any aspect of his game. There is a huge problem in that he fumbled 3 times in just 79 carries a year ago. He still produced when given a shot. Given what Shonn Greene has not done, I wouldn't mind him getting extensive playing time once he's up to speed.

After a nice 2011 season, Maybin pretty much went back to the player he's been the rest of his career, a nonfactor. It's not entirely a surprise either. His big plays last year were largely the result of hustle and being at the right place at the right time rather than him winning an assignment. The weight he put on during the offseason to try and become a more complete player might have robbed him of some of the speed, which was really his only attribute. One tackle and no sacks isn't very good for a situational pass rusher.