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Jets vs. Seahawks: Second Viewing Thoughts

Another look at Sunday's fiasco.

Otto Greule Jr

Somehow I brought myself to rewatch Sunday's disaster in the Pacific Northwest. I've compiled some additional thoughts from the dismal performance the Jets registered.

  • The more replay angles you get from Mark Sanchez's interception, the worse it gets. Not only did he miss a 1-2 second window where Dustin Keller could have walked into the end zone had he been thrown the ball. Not only did he gift wrap an interception by staring Keller down. He also missed Stephen Hill WIDE OPEN in the back of the end zone.
  • The Jets' receivers aren't burning defensive backs and giving Sanchez gimme throws, but there are clearly plays to be made that Sanchez is leaving on the field.
  • One last thing about Sanchez. It doesn't look like he's going through any kind of progressions on his throws. It seems like he has decided where he is going with the ball before the snap. If it isn't there, sometimes he forces it. Other times he pulls the ball down and checks down. He isn't looking for other receivers. I'm not sure whether this is by design in that the coaching staff doesn't trust Sanchez to make reads or whether Sanchez is doing it on his own. Either way, it really limits the kind of success a passing game has. There's no gamebreaker receiver on this team right now that can be counted on to break the coverage and be relied upon as the only option on any given play.
  • Lex Hilliard was awful as a pass protector.
  • Shonn Greene's biggest problem might be his lack of vision. He left a lot of yardage on the field cutting the wrong way.
  • I thought Quinton Coples played well on the first view. He blew me away, though, the second time. The Seahawks couldn't block him when he was in there. He was constantly blowing things up.
  • Some people questioned me putting Sione Pouha among The Bad in the game recap. It seemed a bit odd to me too considering the relative success the defense had against Marshawn Lynch. I'm standing by it, though. Pouha lost his matchup too consistently for my taste. Even his tackles seemed a lot like other defenders pushing the ball carrier into Pouha.
  • David Harris was invisible.
  • I'm standing by my defense of Kyle Wilson. The first completion against him, he was in good coverage. Then no pressure got to Russell Wilson, the receiver broke his route, and the quarterback delivered a good throw. The touchdown was a great throw into good coverage. For that matter, Russell Wilson's second touchdown was a great throw into decent coverage by Ellis Lankster.
  • I haven't been blown away by LaRon Landry's play this year, but I'm starting to wonder whether this was his fault. Landry is dynamite when he's in the box. The Jets are playing him deep frequently, though. I guess they have to considering Yeremiah Bell isn't very good as a deep guy, but it's limiting what Landry does.