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Jets Work Out Steve Slaton and Kahlil Bell

The Jets take a look at a pair of backs.

Patrick McDermott

Jason LaCanfora reports the Jets are working out both former Texans and Dolphins running back Steve Slaton and former Bears running back Kahlil Bell.

Jets intent to sign a RB today. Working them out. Steve Slaton and Khalil Bell among them. Slaton played for OC TonySparano in Mimai

Slaton is a speedster who had a big rookie year for Houston in 2008, running for 1,282 yards and a 4.7 average. He fell off the map since then.

Bell has seen limited action but has been relatively productive. He has a 4.5 average per run in 131 NFL carries over three years. Because of injuries, Bell saw his role expand at the end of last year. He ran for 65 yards in 15 carries against Seattle, 123 yards in 21 carries against Green Bay, and 54 yards in 17 carries against Minnesota. From what I have seen, Bell is more of a one cut guy who is better between the tackles than Slaton.

With Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight both hurt, the Jets need a body. I think they should have been fishing for guys like this sooner. Shonn Greene isn't getting the job done, and running back is the one position where you can find talented guys off the scrap heap to plug in. I'd probably rather have Slaton because he is more explosive, and the Jets could use that. I'll take either, though.