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Wake Up And Smell The Reality

I believe that Rex Ryan is stuck in a world of delusion, and that he either needs to wake up and smell the reality of the situation or risk going down with the ship.

Kevin Casey

Like all of you, I watched yesterday as the Jets continue to look like a below average football team. I watched as we spread the field on 3rd and short, I watched as we continually put our faith in Mark Sanchez's highly inaccurate arm. When our defense was playing, our offense was missing in action. We turned the ball over at the worst possible times, and we watched a rookie Quarterback out perform our Sanchize!

When I thought it could not get any worse, I watched Rex Ryan's post game press conference where he was both stubborn and insistent that Mark Sanchez is the present and future of the New York Jets. Someone please ring a bell in the ear of Rex Ryan, before he goes down with the ship. I do feel like a broken record, I have been singing from this hymn sheet for the last 16 months. Insisting that the loyalty Rex Ryan has to Mark Sanchez will be his downfall.

I understand that when Rex Ryan joined the Jets, he selected Mark Sanchez himself, he tied his balloon to the rookie from USC with hardly any game time at the college level. He insisted that this was the Quarterback to lead our franchise to the promised land. In year one we rode a defense to the AFC Championship game, in year two we rode a few good games from Sanchez and a good defense to the AFC Championship game. in Year 3 we saw his shortcomings and without the defence or running game we ended up watching the play-offs from home. In Year 4 we are about to see the same thing.

John has said on numerous occasions that you need an elite QB in this football league. We don't have that, we don't even have a good QB, the reality is we have one of the worst Quarterbacks in all of football. I have wrote countless articles over the last 12 months highlighting the statistical ineffectiveness of Mark Sanchez, but I don't think you need these statistics any longer. You all watch the games, you all see the problems. I was reading an article last week ranking the NFL QB's, it stated that Mark never had the arm strength but his talent came from his accuracy, with him now struggling with accuracy his value has hit rock bottom.

Our problem is not with Mark Sanchez! he doesn't go out on a Sunday wanting to lose a football game. He doesn't go out on a Sunday wanting to complete less than 50% of his passes and he certainly doesn't go out on a Sunday wanting to be killed in the media on a Monday. I don't blame Mark Sanchez for being a poor quarterback in the NFL, I really dont. Players with as much or more talent than Mark have failed in the profession. The blame rests completely on Rex Ryan for not making the change to show the fans that you need to earn the right to be the Quarterback on this football team.

We are a proud franchise, and right now we have a Quarterback who believes he is untouchable. Most teams in the NFL will hold their players accountable for their play. Reggie Bush fumbles the football, the Dolphins hold him out for an entire Quarter. Sanchez consistently underperforms, throws countless costly picks and coughs up the football on queue and we defend him to the death. Rex Ryan needs to come out and say that if we don't see an improvement, he will be forced to make a change. We may not be better with Tim Tebow but we won't know until we put him under centre and give him a shot, same with Greg.

Some will say that Rex Ryan is brave for sticking by his quarterback, I persist that he is one of the biggest cowards in the NFL for not having the courage to admit that he may be wrong, wrong in the assumption that Mark Sanchez was the player to lead us forward. I don't expect Rex to make the tough decisions, head coaching is new to him and he has as big an ego as his father Buddy Ryan. I do expect him to go down with the ship! His career will forever be tied to that of Mark Sanchez, and we all know where that is going.

You may be obsessed with the likes of Geno Smith and Matt Barkley but as Russell Wilson showed, sometimes value can be found at the position a little lower. Tyler Wilson is a very good Quarterback, E.J Manuel has some serious talent, Landry Jones has a lot to like about him, and don't sleep on Zac Dysert from the university of Miami of Ohio. Now that John has returned, I can concentrate on the draft and bringing you the scouting reports at the positions we need to address. One major focus will be the Quarterback position.

I've lost all faith in Mark Sanchez, however Rex doesn't have the courage to admit he was wrong. 2012 is going to be a tough year and 2013 could be just as bad. Let's hope inspiration strikes Rex sooner rather than later.