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Report: Rex Ryan Broke Down in Locker Room After Game

Rex showed tears after the blowout loss in Seattle.

Kevin Casey

Cimini reports Rex Ryan was in tears addressing his team after the loss in Seattle.

In his postgame address to the team, Ryan got so emotional that he actually cried, according to several players. He was everything in the locker room -- mad, frustrated, urging. And harsh. According to players, he asked the pointed question, "When are you guys going to believe?"

I'm not sure it's a matter of the players not believing. Even fully healthy on its best day, the Jets did not enter 2012 as a very talented team. It was a team that needed things to break right to make a run at the Playoffs. Rex has been a coach who overrates the talent of his roster. That seems to be the case here.

Rex certainly deserves his share of the blame for the lack of discipline, the mess on offense he helped create, and the total lack of accountability where certain players cannot be benched no matter how poorly they play. These things don't help either.

And this is what bothers me about what he's saying. It's as though the players are to blame because they didn't buy in. Over the offseason, we heard plenty about how Rex had changed. It worried me because it seemed like he was more focused on external stuff like not making guarantees rather than finding a better approach to the things that matter like building a coherent offense and developing a quarterback.