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Seahawks 28 Jets 7: It's Getting Ugly

Jets are 3-6 after crushing loss.

Kevin Casey

The Jets are now 3-6 after a 28-7 loss to the Seahawks this afternoon in Seattle. The situation for the 2012 Jets now looks dim. Even if this team plays a perfect next seven games, it will likely not be enough to save this season. Based on what we have seen, it is very, very tough to imagine this team having what it takes to play a perfect next seven games. Two weeks ago, the Jets laid an egg in the biggest game of their year. They had two weeks to figure out what was wrong and fix it. They came out today and looked just as terrible. Join me below as we look at this disaster.

The Bad:

Mark Sanchez: The Jets' problems do not end with Sanchez. They certainly begin with him, though. I'm struggling to figure out a single thing he does well at this point. The red zone interception totally changed the game. Had the Jets scored a touchdown there, they are up 14-7 in the second quarter. They have all the momentum. Even with a field goal, they are in good shape. What happened? Sanchez had Dustin Keller open. It was a tight window. The ball had to be delivered on time and with authority. Sanchez waited for the window to close and threw a lollipop. It was that kind of game. Sanchez locked onto receivers. He missed open men. He failed to recognize the blitz and make adjustments at the line. He responded to a breakdown in protection by exacerbating the problem, leaving the ball exposed and stripped. This was his fourth game in 2012 hitting under 50% of his passes. It was his fifth game hitting under 52%. He checks down too quickly when he has time and freezes in the face of a pass rush. He might be the worst quarterback in the league right now. It's past the point where Sanchez is a below average thrower but a step above Tim Tebow. Tebow could also be the worst thrower in the league and still add something on the ground. It probably won't fix much of anything, but Sanchez has not earned the right to start for this team right now.

Jeremy Kerley: He did a nice job gaining yardage on quick throws to him. He made a beautiful spin move for a big reception. His muffed punt was extremely costly, though, setting up the winning touchdown. It was another example of Kerley taking his eye off the ball and looking at the men in coverage on punts. This happens too frequently. Kerley needs to learn when to fair catch.

Tony Sparano: It probably wouldn't make much of a difference given the quarterback play, but I just don't get what Sparano is doing with this offense. How many times do we have to watch the Jets spread the field and throw on third and short and watch Tim Tebow on the bench?

Dustin Keller: Penalties and a drop. He didn't help the cause today.

Austin Howard: Property of Bruce Irvin.

Matt Slauson: Failed to read a stunt on a sack of Sanchez. Given how bad Sanchez is under pressure, the offensive linemen have to take heat whenever they allow a rusher to get to the quarterback. It kills this team.

Calvin Pace: Don't the Jets play against the zone read in practice every day? Pace looked like he's never seen it before. He allowed two big runs overpursuing plays and missed an open field tackle that would have ended a drive.

Demario Davis: Lost contain Eric Smith on Tebow style to extend Seattle's second touchdown drive and bit too hard on a bootleg later to allow a big play.

Sione Pouha: He had 6 tackles, but I didn't like what I saw from him. It looked like he was losing his battles too frequently.

LaRon Landry: Killer penalty in the second quarter and appeared to be the culprit biting too hard on the trick play that allowed Golden Tate's touchdown pass.

Ellis Lankster: He would have been in The Good because I liked what he did as a blitzer and on special teams. Then he allowed the back-breaking touchdown where he was both burned and held.

The Good:

Muhammad Wilkerson: If there has been one silver lining this season, Wilkerson might be it. He is becoming a difference-maker. He posted 7 tackles and forced a fumble, which is crazy for how much traffic he works in, but he also just dominated play in and play out, creating disruptions that blew up plays and allowed others to clean up. He also scored the only New York touchdown on a fumble return. Wilk was the best Jet today.

Bryan Thomas: I thought he was very consistent creating disruptions. He also had 7 tackles.

Quinton Coples: When he gets a chance, he creates disruptions. He got to the quarterback twice near the end of the first half. I wish he'd get on the field more.

Antonio Cromartie: Seattle didn't do a ton of damage through the air. Cromartie was rock solid and made a nice recovery to break up a touchdown on the flea flicker.

Kyle Wilson: Wilson also gets credit. He also did his job back there. I know some will talk about the first series. I can't get on Wilson. The first completion came because he was asked to cover for too long because there was no pressure. The touchdown came on good coverage. He was in position where Russell Wilson had to make a great throw. He did. Tip your cap. Sometimes you make a good play, and the other guy just makes a better one.

Mike Devito: He usually does the dirty work and puts others in a position to make a play. Not today. Devito got a sack, forced a fumble, and had 5 tackles.

Tim Tebow: They didn't ask him to do much, but I thought he was successful when in. The 4 carries for 14 yards don't look too impressive, but he made lemonade out of lemons on those. He made some nice moves on his runs. He easily could have picked up 4 yards on those carries. He also hit his 3 quick passes.

Defensive Gameplan: Against a rookie quarterback, the goal should be to show as many exotic looks as possible to rattle said quarterback. Russell Wilson clearly had never seen the fronts the Jets had thrown at him. Whenever they blitzed, he was a deer in headlights and looked to scramble.

If we are going to be honest, the Jets have likely reached the point of no turning back. Even if they are perfect, there are no guarantees this team makes the Playoffs. This team is probably too flawed to do that anyway. The good news? For the first time since 2007, Jets fans will have a stress-free month of December. No need for nerves. We already know where this team is going. Tickets for the last three home games will also probably be extremely cheap if you want to take your kids to see a game. Yup, it's that kind of year.