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LaRon Landry Hurting His Free Agent Stock?

Is the safety playing too poorly to cash in?

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Drew Hallowell

Pro Football Focus thinks LaRon Landry is doing himself no favors when it comes to the money he will make next season.

LaRon Landry, New York Jets

The oft-injured sixth overall pick from 2007 has been a solid performer when he’s been on the field, logging a +14.5 cumulative grade from 2008-2011, which would have been much higher if not for a poor -9.7 grade in 2009. However, he missed 15 games combined in 2010-2011. That has been followed up with a well below average -6.8 grade for this year as he has struggled to regain his form after an Achilles injury sent him to the IR last season. After getting a one year ‘show-me’ deal from the Jets, Landry was obviously looking to put in a good year and cash in during the offseason. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look like he might have to take another small contract and prove himself further.

I tend to agree. I'm no believer in PFF's ratings system. It's far too secretive and subjective for me. It's tough for me to see anything from Landry other than averageness at this point. He makes some highlight reel hits, but the Jets are still struggling against tight ends in the passing game, and the mediocre run defense at this point is partially the product of the safeties not making plays in the box because they are taking bad angles.

Landry benefits from the comparison of last year's horrific safety play. Almost anybody would be a lot better than Eric Smith.

In a strange way, Landry's averageness might benefit the Jets. They have holes to fill and not much money to spend. With LaRon not playing like a man who is going to get a big payday, he might once again be cost-effective to full the need.