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Woody Johnson Donates To Hurricane Sandy Relief

The New York Jets have helped with the hurricane relief, but what can you do?

Rob Carr

Millions of people were obviously affected by Hurricane Sandy, including many of our GGNers. The New York Jets have donated $500,000 to the relief funds, and players such as QB Mark Sanchez have volunteered their time in the recovery. Some of you may know, but I am originally from Staten Island, as is our very own Tito Javier. Here is an article about what Woody Johnson is doing on one of the hardest hit areas from the storm. It's very refreshing to see our favorite team give back to the people that cheer them on every Sunday in ways that matter significantly more than how many wins we have.

If you have any spare time or money, I, along with the rest of the Gang Green Nation staff, ask that you donate what you can to rebuilding after this natural disaster that has hit so many Jets fans. Here is one place that you can donate, although there are many others of course, such as the Red Cross. Thank you in advance to anything that you can give, whether it's time or money.