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HOU@NYJ GameThread: Second Half

It's the second half and this is very much a game.

Elsa - Getty Images

This has been a very competative game so far. I love what we're seeing from the New York Jets, considering this is the best team in the league. Offensive creativity, defensive awesomeness. Some great tackling. Great passes. I love seeing the Jets air the ball out. We're a few completions for having a lead right now. The receivers need to hold on to the ball and this could be a win. Our defense needs to stop Arian Foster on some of these long runs, but generally, our defense has been so much better than in the past.

It's early, but there are a lot of things to love about this game. A lot of things to work on too. It ain't over. The last bit, eh, whatever. It's still a game. Rex Ryan is confusing the heck out of Matt Schaub.

Let's go Jets!