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Where are the Jets scouts heading today?

It's Saturday which means it's college football. This also means that the Jets scouting department is on the road. We look at where they are and who they possibly could be looking at.

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A lot of people are already looking to the 2013 draft, usually this means that we are dissatisfied with the current team that we have. So here we take a look at where the Jets scouts are heading today and who they could possibly be going to see thanks to Chris Steubers Draft Journal.

Michigan State at Indiana

NFL teams attending: New York Jets and San Diego Chargers.

When this popped up only one player came to mind. Running Back Le'Veon Bell for Michigan State, with the Jets running game looking extremely weak they may be looking for that all around game changer on the ground. I really like Bell and his style of running, he has a rare power/patience combination. However this year he has been a little inconsistent and when put up against defences like Notre Dame and Ohio State he hasn't been half as affective. Of course he has also gone off for 210 yards against Boise State (sorry Scott) and 253 yards against Eastern Michigan. It's not that he has been bad against the good defences, he just doesn't get as many carries as Michigan State are playing from behind (44 carries against Boise State, 19 carries against Notre Dame) He's also proving to be a good receiving back and his blocking is at a good level too.

Some other possible players to watch include Michigan States OLB Denicos Allen, OT Fou Fonoti and FS Isaiah Lewis

South Florida at Temple

NFL teams attending: New York Jets.

There are really no players that stick out to me here, there are some decent prospects like Running Back Matt Brown of Temple and OT Martin Wallace too. I can't imagine that we are looking at either Quarterback with Coyer for Temple being erratic and completing 45% of his passes and B.J Daniels of South Florida lacking prototypical quarterback size and not having an NFL game, not to mention the fact he's already tossed 7 interceptions this season.

Florida State at North Carolina State

NFL teams attending: Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams.

The big name for North Carolina state is obviously going to Cornerback David Amerson who brought in 13 interceptions last year. However I watched him against Tennessee in week one and he looked lost. He blew a lot of coverages, made poor reads and was beaten continuously. Although I haven't seen him since, apparently things haven't changes and his stock is plummeting. I would say that OG Zach Allen is certainly one to watch especially with Brandon Moore's career winding down....however unfortunately he suffered a leg injury against Miami last week and will be out for the rest of the year.

There are a whole host of players on the #3 ranked Florida State team that we could be researching for 2013. Although I don't believe we need any more help on the defensive line but Bjoern Werner is certainly one of the top prospects in the country, good against the pass and the run and with a non stop motor, a lot of teams will be falling in love with this guy around April. Another player on the line is Brandon Jenkins who plays with an explosive first step, with versatility to play 4-3DE and 3-4OLB, his value increases with all 32 teams.

A dark horse for us could be Florida State Quarterback EJ Manuel. A player who has continued to improve from season to season. A big body at 6-5 and 240lb's he has flown out of the gates in his senior year throwing 9 touchdowns to 1 interception for 1147 yards and a completion percentage of 73.3%. With over 700 yards rushing on the ground in his college career he also has the ability to expand a play. If we want to make a move at this position in April but believe that Geno Smith is just too far out of our reach, EJ may be our back-up plan.