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What to watch for? Where are the touchdowns coming from?

In our weekly series previewing the upcoming Jets game, we ask the question that is surely on everyone's lips.....where are the touchdowns going to come from?

Joe Sargent - Getty Images

This has been a hard week to be a Jets fan, we have been based left, right and centre and even our writers here (myself included) have taken a swing. Unfortunately our weekly what to watch for series is going to continue this trend. I would love to be writing about how teams are going to stop us.....but unfortunately before I do that, we need to get started.

The Jets were devastated this week with news that Santonio Holmes is done for the year, our strongest offensive player is out, gone, forget about him. So when you look at the Jets so far this season and realise they are 28th in the league in total offense, you can be forgiven if you start to panic a little......if there was a big red panic button I would be pressing down on it with two hands.

The Unfortunate truth for us is that the biggest question mark for Monday nights showdown with a very impressive Houston team is simply, where are the touchdowns going to come from? anyone? anyone in the back? I didn't think so. We have a very inaccurate quarterback, an anaemic running game and a receiving core so thin it would make the Dolphins unit look like the 1998 Vikings who boasted Chris Carter and Randy Moss.

We really need to change-up the game plan. Hopefully Keller and Hill will be available which will at least give Sanchez some targets to look for, I have no idea what Joe McKnight has done to Tony Sparano, but Tony needs to realise that a running back tandem of Powell and Greene just isn't going to get the job done. We need to stretch the field a little bit and McKnight can do that.

Only when we get the running game going, will we be able to make some moves off the play-action....something that Sanchez has actually done well since being drafted in 2009. I would design the whole game plan this week around getting Joe McKnight into space, something a little different. When we failed to score in the pre-season we said that it was because we were just using the "vanilla" playbook but now I'm not so sure.

So I ask you GGN'ers, where are the touchdowns going to come from?