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GGN Mailbag - Questions Needed!

We will be hosting a live video mailbag later this week... submit questions here!

Jeff Zelevansky

So, it's the bye week, and that means I hate everything. Even when the New York Jets are losing, I still like watching them on Sundays, so bye weeks always feel empty. To that end, we're going to do something we haven't done in a while... a GGN mailbag! Instead of via text though, my answers will come in video form. We'll have a Google+ Hangout later in the week to answer the questions, which can be viewed live or later at your leisure.

We will possibly be having other GGN staff members (maybe Bro Namath?) and we will definitely be having Ryan Gosling's abs as our featured guest.

Please post any questions here that you would like answered, or e-mail them to me at (include your username, please). They can be about the Jets, Gang Green Nation, invasive questions into my personal life, the GGN Book of the Week, etc. Whatever you folks want. It's the bye week, so I have nothing better to do but talk about life and shoot the breeze with you all.