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Flight Connections 10-03-12

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

Pro Football Focus: The mistakes that are still costing Mark Sanchez.

Grantland: Sanchez isn't getting any better.

SBN New York: The Jets should say no to Tim Tebow.

Filip Bondy: Here are 12 other ways Tim can help Gang Green.

J.P. Pelzman: Tebow seems to be gaining support in the Sanchez exit polls.

The Jets Blog: Nick Mangold will find his answers at work.

Manish Mehta: Aaron Maybin is disappointed with the his slow start to the season.

Mike Vorkunov: Mike DeVito keeps calm as the team fixes defensive mistakes. I thought Karl Dunbar was supposed to be the second coming of sliced bread?

Kimberley A. Martin: The Jets can't hide that they can't run.

Brian Costello: The Jets can't afford a repeat of 2011.

Eric Allen: The Jets are in the middle of a formidable stretch.

AFC East Blog: The Jets fall hard in power rankings.

The Jet Press: The numbers don't lie.

Deadspin: Fan suggestions to improve the Jets.

Long Island Report: New Apple maps bring the Jets back to Hofstra University. Can they bring back Revis? That'd be a hell of a trick.

Conor Orr: Breaking down an eye-opening 34-0 loss.

Conor Orr: Carlos Rogers says that the Jets quit. Unfortunately, it's tough to disagree with that.

SBN Bay Area: Joe Staley says that this was the best run block of his career.

SBN Bay Area: Alex Smith, the long ball and third down.

Deadspin: The two common fallacies that explain why NFL coaches punt on fourth down.

New York Times: The NFL lockout and the modern economy.

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