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Week 4: 49ers @ Jets: Who is to Blame? My Thoughts

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

It has taken a few days to collect my thoughts about what transpired in the Jets dismantling Sunday. Sunday’s game against the 49ers was, let’s face it, an embarrassment on all accounts. The defense played well for a half but could not hold up any longer as the offense continued to look utterly dreadful. Mark Sanchez could not find any open receivers and the run game, well… you know what that’s been this year.

Having played this great game of football for 14 years I firmly understand that the game is as much a team sport as any. Far be it from me to place blame on any single individual when it comes to wins and losses. However, in the NFL there are people who are paid bountifully, and given the responsibility to assemble a team and field the best product possible. That employee for the Jets would be General Manager Mike Tannenbaum. Now, I don’t think it would be fair or rational to place total blame on Tannenbaum for what is quickly becoming a huge debacle, but in the opening month of the season it is clear as day that Tannenbaum dropped the ball as it pertains to fielding the best product.

Last season the Jets had trouble on the offensive line, particularly protecting the quarterback … it was not addressed in the offseason. A season ago we watched as Mark Sanchez had no depth at receiver and very few dynamic playmakers to get the football to… surprise-surprise the Jets have the same issues now; another area in which Tannenbaum failed to improve this team (Yes he drafted Stephen Hill but Hill is unproven and it shows, he came from a run heavy college offense). And for the love of G-D, why wouldn’t Tannenbaum have drafted or signed a running back. For a team that was looking to run the ball, ground and pound, and wear out defenses, they certainly have failed to improve their personnel at running back. Shonne Greene has not proven to me that he is an every down back that can produce consistently. He can play! He’s just a complimentary running back. He doesn’t have the home run hitting capabilities that most, if not all, running backs across this league have.

Rex Ryan said before this season that this is the best team he has had. Really Rex? This is by far the worst offense the Jets have fielded since Ryan became head coach. The offense bleeds mediocrity and is causing the defense to look bad as well. The defense can only do so much… they keep the Jets in games and at times have had to do the scoring themselves. Great the Jets have a good defense! The acquisitions of Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry are paying dividends, only one problem… The defense wasn’t the side of the ball that needed the improvement!!

The entire Jets nation knew that improvements on offense were much needed a year ago yet as general manager Tannenbaum didn’t think it was necessary to make them? If this season continues as it has gone thus far, the jets organization should question whether Tannenbaum should continue to make decisions for the Jets team.

Side Notes: With all that has taken place in a month of football and as bad as the offense has looked the team is still 2-2 and tied atop the AFC East. Changes must be made! The Jets have many needs that will have to be addressed quickly if they are going to be any sort of relevant. Next week the Jets play Houston (who might be better then the 49ers) on Monday night. It’s a primetime, nationally televised game that will be watched by many. I’m not predicting a Jets win in this game but I am not ready to right them off, if they can make the much needed changes and be competitive Monday. However, if they come out and play remotely close to the mediocrity we witnessed Sunday, all hope in my eyes will and should be thrown by the way side.