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Flight Connections 10-29-12

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! I hope everybody stays safe today. It looks pretty bad out there:

You know, when LaRon Landry said "suicide mission", that was not what I expected.

Antonio Cromartie was not pleased with the offense. So yet again, we have a wide receiver with criticism. But starting the game with a personal foul after a week of talking is not good either.

Dustin Keller defends Mark Sanchez. Sanchez never actually felt his job was threatened in his whole career. The guy should have been broken down and rebuilt instead of getting more money. Also, Matt Cavanaugh is still his coach.

The Miami Dolphins attacked what was an obvious weakness in Tim Tebow as a punt protector.

Rob Malone disagrees that Tebow should take the blame.

It was a pretty bad day for Mike Westhoff's squad. Think of all the young players that Westy has to work with every year. And when you get injuries, you get miscues with the new players. Unfortunately, the offense couldn't help do their part yet again.

Tebow didn't do much else in the loss. He wasn't even an effective decoy.

Would things improve with a change at quarterback? It depends on the character of your team, I think. They could either give up on the season or use it as motivation.

The Jets get a full week off anyway. I wonder what the little sensei would think of that decision?

They said they would empty the tank, but now they're in the tank, according to Mark Cannizzaro.

They were talking trash, and then they played like trash, according to Brian Costello.

Dave D'Allesandro points out that the team doesn't have enough talent. That's true. But you know sometimes, it ain't the skill, it's the will.

Before the game, Woody Johnson said that Rex Ryan was doing a heckuva job.

The best part of the game was Dennis Byrd's jersey getting retired.

Remember it's only a game. Stay safe, everyone! I hope you get to spend the day off with your family today.