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Week 8 GameThread Overflow

The Jets are down 20-0 at the half and get the ball down. Analysis so far? Gross.


The New York Jets could not have started off worse. On the initial Miami Dolphins drive, the Jets shot themselves in the foot with two big penalties before stiffening up. Immediately after that, they allow a surprise onside kick. That set the tone for the first half.

The Jets seemingly knocked out Ryan Tannehill for the game with a quad injury, but they've been completely out of sorts on offense and special teams. Defense has been alright, but when Mark Sanchez fumbles the ball and gives them great position, and special teams gives up a blocked punt and a blocked field goal, it's hard to do much. The offense has shown no rhythm, the run game can't get a push, and Mark Sanchez looks like Bad Sanchez. Talk about shooting yourself not just in the foot, but more like the face.

I think a lot of the problems are coming from the offensive line. Don't get me wrong, Sanchez is playing horrible, but the line isn't getting any push in the run game and looks atrocious in pass protection.

So, my formal analysis of the game so far? Pitiful. Gross. Disgusting that they'd honor Dennis Byrd with this performance.

Let's hope they can turn it around at the half, or this is going to get even more embarrassing. Mike Westhoff might die of a heart attack at half time the way his special teams are playing. The team looks like it's falling apart. At least Isaiah Trufant is playing well.

Standard rules apply.