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Five Bold Predictions - MIA @ NYJ

Today the New York Jets face the Miami Dolphins. Let's make a few bold predictions about the game.

Joel Auerbach

Disclaimer - A bold prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold predictions are guesses that are beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be physically impossible. Saying that Mark Sanchez is going to throw for 162 yards and one touchdown is not a bold prediction, nor is saying that Shonn Greene will run for 923 yards and twelve touchdowns. By definition, they are unlikely, but possible, to occur.

With that said, here are my five bold predictions for today:

  1. Tim Tebow will score his first touchdown for the season, in addition to running for 35 yards and attempting three passes.
  2. After a week of talk from both sides, Reggie Bush will not break 100 yards rushing.
  3. Mark Sanchez will throw for two touchdowns and zero interceptions, and will again break 65% completion percentage.
  4. Stephen Hill will redeem himself after last week's drop and have six catches for 95 yards and a touchdown.
  5. After being dissed by Mike Pouncey, Aaron Maybin will sack Ryan Tannehill twice, his first two of the season.

What are your bold predictions for today?