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Jets Cut WR Jason Hill, Activate TE Hayden Smith

Before the upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins, the Jets have activated Hayden Smith.


Hey folks. Today's news is that the New York Jets have cut WR Jason Hill, and activated TE Hayden Smith. Hill was the journeyman wide receiver that stepped due to all the injuries. With the healthy return of Clyde Gates, Hill became expendable. In addition, with news that TE Jeff Cumberland has dislocated his hand, the Jets needed a new tight end, at least for the next few weeks until he recovers. Enter Hayden Smith.

Smith is the Australian rugby player that the Jets signed in the offseason. He is heavily considered a project, as he has never played football at any serious level before. As the Jets had an opportunity to sign a free agent, but chose to go with Smith instead indicates at least a basic level of trust. Who knows if he will be active or even see any meaningful snaps, but I'm very excited to see Smith. He has measurables very similar to Rob Gronkowski, the best tight end in the league. Check out this article I wrote about him over the summer. Smith is a freak athlete, and count me as excited to see him play. At 6'6", he's going to be a nightmare for defenses in the red zone.