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My Weekend Selections

Here I will try and do my best to predict the winners of this weekend's slate of games.

Jared Wickerham

If I were a betting man, these would be my picks for this weekend.

Thursday, 8:20pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings Vikings Win
Sunday, 1:00pm Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears Bears Win
San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns Browns Win
Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions Seahawks Win
Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers Packers Win
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Colts Win
New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams Patriots Win
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Jets Win
Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Win
Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers Redskins Win
Sunday, 4:05pm Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Raiders Win
Sunday, 4:25pm New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Giants Win
Sunday, 8:20pm New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos Broncos Win
Monday, 8:30pm San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals 49ers Win


I'll just explain a few of my more likely to be controversial picks. First, I have a good feeling about the Browns this week. Mostly because they're at home, the Chargers are terrible (I expect Joe Haden to have like 50 interceptions) and I hate Philip Rivers' face. Second, I think the Eagles pull the upset. Michael Vick's been pretty terrible lately, as has Andy Reid, so naturally they'll pull one out of nowhere to hold onto their jobs for another week. Third, I think Robert Griffin III is going to run all over the old and injured Pittsburgh defense and utterly destroy them on the ground and in the air. Fourth, between the Raiders and the Chiefs, one of them has to win, I guess. Fifth, I think the Saints/Broncos game will be a shootout, but the Saints defense is so godawful, they'll make a bigger mistake first.