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There's A Storm Coming

It's rivalry week, and the trash talk between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins is stepping up.

Nick Laham

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for the game this weekend against the Miami Dolphins. Here's why:

Our story begins before the last game against the Dolphins, when Rex Ryan said that the Jets would have to put "hot sauce" on RB Reggie Bush. By that he meant the Jets would have to pay extra attention to Bush, as he is the focal point of the Miami offense and a dangerous threat whenever he has the ball.

Bush took the comment in a different direction, most likely without the context of the rest of Rex's statement, and assumed that Rex was saying they had to take him out of the game, Bounty Bowl-style. Naturally, Bush suffered a knee injury during the game, so he most likely thought the hot sauce comments were taken literally. After CB Darrelle Revis was diagnosed with a torn ACL, Bush said that the injury was karma, and that Revis deserved the injury for Rex's words.

Fast forward to today.

Today, Rex Ryan apologized for his comments from the last game, but said that Bush took his comments out of context and that Bush should apologize to Revis, as they are peers and saying that someone deserves an ACL tear is uncalled for.

Well, did Bush like that? Oh no he di'int! Basically, Bush said that Rex's apology was not sincere and that he wouldn't apologize. He also said that the Jets started it, which reminded me of the time when I was in elementary school and still thought that was a valid excuse for being happy that a person tore their ACL.

LaRon Landry, who is now my most favorite person ever, then stepped up the battle even more. He talked about how important it was to win this game and go 4-4 before the bye, saying:

This game is a must win. We can sweep these guys... That's what we're striving to do and that's what we will do.

If you recall, Landry was involved in the hit that knocked Bush out of the game with a knee injury. He then said this gem about Bush:

I'm grateful for another opportunity to play this guy. And he will remember that hit. Every time he sees me he will remember that hit.

Yeah. This guy is ready to crack some skulls. This is a true tough guy that is going to play the way he wants to play. His motto? "Head first, high velocity, no regrets." Landry just put Bush on blast, and he's ready to go, as is Muhammad Wilkerson who affirmed how seriously they're taking this game. As Rex said, they're planning on emptying the tank on the Dolphins before the bye and their chance to rest up.

You know who else is ready to play? Joe McKnight. Joe McFriggin' McKnight, the guy who looked awesome last week despite playing on a high ankle sprain. McKnight confirmed that he is definitely playing, and will rest up over the bye. Here's a quote from Mr. McKnight:

I was in pain but if Westhoff can beat his leg cancer, I can play through a little ankle sprain.

Personally, I love this attitude. I love that this team is in the mindset of crushing a division rival. Landry is the definition of a "Rex" player, and both him and McKnight are all in for this weekend. This is bulletin board material, but for our guys. You don't think they remember what Bush said about Revis' ACL? You don't think they remember getting gashed by him before he left? These guys mean business. They're ready to roll.

There's a storm coming, and LaRon Landry and Joe "The Dark" McKnight are leading the charge.

Update: Wow. Mr. Landry just posted this video on Twitter. I'm loving this guy.