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Jets Sign RB/FB Lex Hilliard and Other Roster Moves

The New York Jets have signed RB/FB Lex Hilliard in a move clearly designed to spark the team's offense. The only question remaining is what will be the corresponding roster move?

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

The latest news, courtesy of Pro Football Talk, is that the New York Jets have signed RB/FB Lex Hilliard, in another move that clearly indicates this team is headed directly into the ground. I actually suspect a corresponding move will be made soon to either cut or IR FB John Conner. Conner's been injured for a while now and a lot of people would argue that he's been stinking it up anyway, so it seems likely.

Hilliard may be most known to all of you as a former Miami Dolphin. As Omar Kelly noted, Tony Sparano never trusted Hilliard to carry the ball when he was his head coach, so he will probably be used more for pass protection and run blocking.

This team seems to be increasingly Miami North, with Tony Sparano, Dave DeGuglielmo, Clyde Gates, Yeremiah Bell, Lex Hilliard, and Patrick Turner. Great.

This seems the latest in a string of unimpressive moves by a team struggling in all phases... on and off the field. The team clearly needs a spark in light of all the recent injuries and general lack of desire, and I don't think we'll find that in this move. Let's hope the team has something else planned to try and recover from the loss of WR Santonio Holmes.

Super Bowl or Bust, folks.

Update: The team has cut Patrick Turner from the active roster as the corresponding move, cut CB Donnie Fletcher from the practice squad, and re-signed WR Jordan White to the practice squad.

Update 2: The team has signed WR Jason Hill, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars. You may remember Hill as the receiver who talked trash about Darrelle Revis last year, but was then inactive because he is such a bad receiver. At least we're not signing some washed up, locker room cancers.