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What Was Your Favorite Jets Moment?

The promise and deliverance of glory makes the suffering of being a Jets fan worth it. Today, we'll search for some of those moments.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Everybody lately has been down on the New York Jets, and for good reason. But not all is bad as a Jets fan. Sure, we haven't won a Superbowl in decades. But there have been plenty of great moments that we've had as fans that make it all worth it.

For me, that great moment was during the AFC Divisional Game two years ago against the New England Patriots. I was watching the game with some friends, three of which were Patriots fans. After the 45-3 drubbing earlier in the season, we didn't stand a chance against Belichick & Co. Throughout the game, they were mocking me. Taunting me. Laughing at the plight of the Jets, even when we were winning. It was 14-3, and all of a sudden the Patriots scored a touchdown with a pass to TE Alge Crumpler. And then RB Sammy Morris converted the two point-attempt and it was suddenly 14-11. Oh man, I'll never forget how much I wanted to crawl into a hole with them taunting me.

And then, suddenly, Mark Sanchez hit Jerricho Cotchery in stride and he took it up the sideline for a massive 48-yard gain. A few plays later, Sanchez hit Santonio Holmes in the back left corner of the end zone, "Brady's Corner," to go up 21-11, enroute to the 28-21 victory. When Cotchery caught that ball though and hurdled a defender, I knew we were going to win. And I started screaming back at my friends, trash talking, feeling better than almost ever before. It was one of the single best feelings I've ever had in my life, seeing MY team stick a dagger in the heart of our hated, and I mean hated, rivals.

And it's moments like that which make it all worth it. They make the suffering and the pain all worth it, in those fleeting moments. I would do nearly anything for a moment like that again, and that's what drives me to continue being a Jets fan, despite the hard times we're clearly entering. Most of our best players may be injured, we may be questioning our front office, but it will get better. And we'll have another one of those moments. What moment in Jets history makes it all worth it for you?