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RB Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight Suffer Injuries

In yesterday's blowout game against the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Jets suffered huge losses to their running back corps by way of injury.

Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Someone hates the New York Jets. It just can't go perfect, can it? In an almost flawless day, there is one huge negative to come from the victory over the Indianapolis Colts. While all of our running backs looked great yesterday, backups Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight were injured towards the end of the game. Powell suffered a dislocated shoulder and is out for at least one game. McKnight suffered a high ankle sprain. Last year, Nick Mangold had a similar injury and was out for two weeks. Usually high ankle sprains last longer than that though, and are much more severe than a regular sprained ankle (as they involve more ligaments, specifically the ones that connect the tibia and fibula). The Jets have not ruled out McKnight for the game against the New England Patriots yet, but consider me shocked if he can play one week after sustaining a high ankle sprain.

So, our depth right now is a bit of a concern, just as the running game got going. I have heard confirmed reports that RB Jonathan Grimes will be active this week, which is great news. I expect FB Lex Hilliard to get some carries in a crunch, as well as QB/WR/TE/FB/PP Tim Tebow. But mostly I think the load will be shared by Shonn Greene and Grimes. I don't think the Jets will sign a running back, although if they do, it will most likely be John Griffin, who had a good camp with the team before being cut.

We're running out of players to get injured.