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Interview with the Fantasy Nomad Show

On Tuesday, October 16th at 8:30pm, listen in to the Fantasy Nomad Show, hosted by

Nick Laham - Getty Images

So, my worldwide media tour continues this week with the Fantasy Nomad Show, a podcast by RotoInfo. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be the first featured guest on the show, hosted by Michael Pichan. I'll be talking about the New York Jets, this past game against the Indianapolis Colts, fantasy football, and the future of the team this season.

Follow this link to listen in to the show and see their great slate of interviewees for this week.

I've been doing some research on RotoInfo and they have a really great website with an enormous amount of information for everything fantasy related (except for Harry Potter, they do not have much information on that). So definitely check out their site, and check out my interview with them tomorrow.