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Reason To Celebrate: The Offensive Line

The New York Jets' offensive line had a truly awesome outing against the Indianapolis Colts and grounded and pounded the team to victory.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

If you've watched Shonn Greene at all this season, you'll know that this past game against the Indianapolis Colts is not just a reason to celebrate mildly. It's a reason to party like it's 1999, get on the bar and start dancing, flip a cop car kind of performance. But Greene's performance goes deeper than just today, or just him for that matter.

Greene's performance and the success of Ground and Pound rests with our offensive line. Generally it's looked good for pass protection, but horrible for run blocking. So far this season, the line has really struggled to generate a push at the line of scrimmage. Yesterday, they beat up on the Colts, physically and mentally wearing them down, and allowing Greene to run young, wild, and free all over them. Make no mistake; Greene looked at his best since the 2009 playoffs. But yesterday, the offensive line, led by All-World Nick Mangold, looked the best these eyes have seen since 2010.

Mark Sanchez had all the time in the world to throw, and Greene was running through holes big enough to fit my Toyota Sequoia. They say that games are won and lost in the trenches. Yesterday, it was won on the offensive line. As we head into New England next week, we are going to need a similar effort against the Patriots, led by Vince Wilfork and Chandler Jones.

But for now, let's celebrate. To D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Slauson, Vladimir Ducasse, Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, and Austin Howard! Three cheers for our offensive line!