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Indianapolis Colts RB Donald Brown Is Out

The New York Jets' run defense just got a big boost with news that Colts running back Donald Brown has already been declared out for the game this coming Sunday.

John Grieshop - Getty Images

As you all know, the run defense of the New York Jets has been struggling mightily this season. I would argue that it was improved this past week against the Houston Texans (keeping in mind Arian Foster is arguably the best running back in the league currently, and that a third of his total yards came off of one run), but obviously that can be seen either way. Rex Ryan has been instituting a "back-to-basics" philosophy in practices when it comes to both running the ball and defending against the run.

Now that we've gotten past two of the best running teams in the league, the San Francisco 49ers and the Texans, the Jets will see a much weaker offensive line in the Indianapolis Colts, as well as lesser running backs. To that end, news that RB Donald Brown of the Colts will be out for he game with torn cartilage in his knee will be a boon to the team's run defense. The Colts will now rely on rookie RB Vick Ballard and second year RB Delone Carter, with perhaps a little side of RB Mewelde Moore. Who, you ask? Good question.

Ballard has thus far had 21 touches this season for a whopping 42 yards. That right there are Shonn Greene numbers at 2.0 YPC. The Jets still need to tackle, however, or they'll make Ballard look like Edgerrin James. However, this is a good sign for the struggling Jets run defense.

In other injury news, word out of Indianapolis is that OLB Robert Mathis, ILB Pat Angerer, DE Fili Moala, and NT Martin Tevaseu (remember him?) are all questionable for Sunday's game. In general, good news for the New York Jets.

Update: Robert Mathis has been declared out for the game as well. As Dwight Freeney is also injured (but expected to play), this is a huge boon for the Jets offensive line and their pass protection.