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Potential OC Targets: Chick Harris, Houston Texans

I have mentioned this a couple of times on twitter now but one guy I would like us to at least interview, is Chick Harris. The running back coach for the Houston Texans. I really think that we should cast a varied and wide net when looking for the right man to take this team forward. Of course this all rests on the shoulders of Woody and Mike T and if they are willing to part company with a man who has proven that he cannot lead this offence.

So why Chick Harris? I don't imagine that too many people have come across Chick too much, but he has been with the Texans since their inception. He has over 30 years of NFL experience and he has overseen 8 running backs eclipse the 1,000 rushing mark on numerous occasions. He dabbled as an offensive coordinator just once before, and for just one year. In 1994 for a terrible LA Rams team that finished 4-12

In 2011 he oversaw the 2nd best rushing attack in the league as the Texans clocked up 153 yards a game and Arian Foster was the leagues 5th best rusher after leading the league in 2010. Houston were rocked with numerous injuries in 09 which limited their ability to rush the ball but he has overseen solid RB development throughout his career in the NFL.

I'm not saying lets hire him, but I would like to see him interviewed to gage his ability as a full time coordinator instead of just a running back coach. He never really got a chance with LA and whoever we hire to be the next coordinator, I want them to have experience and to have a run first mindset.

Harris Coaching Resume

2002-2011- Houston Texans Running Back's Coach

1995-2001- Carolina Panthers Running Back's Coach

1994- Los Angeles Rams, Offensive Coordinator

1992-1993- Los Angeles Rams, Running Back's Coach

1983-1991- Seattle Seahawks, Offensive Backfield Coach

1981-1982 Buffalo Bills, Running Back's Coach

1975-1980- University of Washington, Defensive Back's Coach

1974- Detroit Wheels, Wide Receivers Coach (World Football League)

1973- Long Beach State, Wide Receivers Coach

1970-1972- Colorado State, Wide Receivers Coach