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Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Game Thread

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We end the first weekend of the NFL Playoffs with a game sure to do monster ratings. The Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that always has a lot of eyeballs watching them travel to Denver to take on the Broncos and Tebow(!). Will we see more Tebow Magic (tm), or will the Steelers move on for a date with New England next weekend?

I would be a bit surprised if this one was close. The Pittsburgh defense is a rough matchup for Tebow(!). Really, almost any defense has been a tough matchup for him. The whole play terrible for most of the game and pull out a miracle drive thing only works if you defense can dominate and keep the game low scoring to give you a chance. I am not sure that Denver can keep this tight. I think the Steelers win this game big.

Leave your thoughts on this game below.