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Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants Game Thread

The third game of this year's NFL Playoffs is perhaps the most evenly matched of the first round. The Atlanta Falcons come to the Meadowlands to face the Giants. The winner has a date in Green Bay with the rested Packers next week. That does not sound like much of a prize.

I think the question of this game is whether the Giants' pass rush shows up. If the Giants cannot get to the quarterback, the Falcons have plenty of weapons to expose a weak secondary. They really need to pressure Matt Ryan and make him uncomfortable.

This is a difficult game to pick because the Giants are so unpredictable. I could see them coming out and winning by three touchdowns. I could see them coming out and losing by three touchdowns. I lean to the Giants because they seem to be on a roll and are at home, but I have no conviction for that pick.

Leave your thoughts below.