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Curtis Martin and Bill Parcells Are Hall of Fame Finalists

Former Jets running back Curtis Martin and former Jets head coach Bill Parcells are finalists for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Martin made the cut to the final 10 last year in his first year of eligibility and has an excellent chance be selected. When told last year he and Parcells could be going in together in 2012, he said, "That would be incredible."

After the list is cut from 10 finalists to five, the candidates are not competing against each other. The 44 voters vote yes or no on the final five and all five can get in. The voting will be held on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis, the day before Super Bowl XLVI.

They both deserve to get in. The Jets are only a part of Parcells' journey, but the way he turned them from the worst team in the league into a team on the cusp of the Super Bowl took his legend to a different level. Martin like many other deserving candidates was snubbed on his first try. Hopefully this one goes better.