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The Offensive Coordinator Rumor Mill

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There has been plenty of speculation about the Jets and their offensive coordinator situation over the past 24 hours. We will start with what Cimini is hearing regarding the current occupant of that post.

They want everyone to think they'd welcome back Brian Schottenheimer if he doesn't land a head-coaching job, but I'd be stunned if he's back. I could see him making a lateral move before returning.

League insiders tell me the Jets are trying to save as much as possible on Schottenheimer's remaining contract -- two years, $3.2 million. (They'd have to eat it if they fire him.) That enormous, two-year extension he received last offseason, I'm told, was a reason why they couldn't get OL coach Bill Callahan to re-up before the end of the season. Apparently, the rising tide doesn't lift all boats, as far as the Jets are concerned.

This is frustrating on so many levels. It suggests the team wants to make a change but is too cheap to do so. Instead of acting assertively and firing Schottenheimer on Monday like the Jets should have, they are dilly dallying. This delay already cost them a shot at Josh McDaniels. This whole idea the team could trick Jacksonville to take him off their hands never made sense. The Jets have been leak city lately. Eventually what they were doing was going to get out.

It is frustrating because the team is so cheap. The Schottenheimer contract is a heck of a lot cheaper than the money this team has shelled out for big name players. This looks especially bad given the absurd PSL prices and ticket price increase Woody Johnson has dumped on the fans. Why should fans have to pay for this if the team is too cheap to reinvest to make the product on the field?

It is frustrating because the team gives a bad coach good money to leave little left for a good coach, Callahan.

Finally, it is frustrating because this team never should have given Schottenheimer the extension to begin with. Anybody could have told you that. The team went to ridiculous lengths to keep it quiet because it knew how unpopular it would be. It might not be standard protocol for the Jets to announce assistant coach contract extensions, but can anybody seriously tell me after the past week that this team can keep a leak out of the press unless it really tries to do so? It's really difficult to have any faith in the Jets to run this process well at this point.

In other news, Brian Costello has a few names he is hearing the Jets might be interested in to replace Schotty.

According to sources, the Jets have targeted former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as potential replacements.

I would hope this means Sparano as an offensive line coach. His only experience as an offensive coordinator was at Boston University. He doesn't have much of a track record developing quarterbacks, but he was a pretty solid offensive line coach for the Cowboys before he went to Miami.

I am struggling to see any rationale behind interest in Koetter. Why go for the guy who led the worst offense in the league this year? His quarterback record isn't very impressive. Blaine Gabbert and David Garrard never really improved under him. In an average season while he was Jacksonville's coordinator, an average of 54% of offenses in the league were better than his. Koetter runs more than he passes. He has that going for him. The Jaguars were in the top five in rushing attempts in three of his five years and in the 20's in passing attempts in four of five years. Maybe they just want a straight ground and pound guy. I guess you could also argue that Koetter didn't have great talent in Jacksonville. That doesn't make him a good coach, though. That just makes him a coach that might be good or might not be. Either way, he is not attractive.

There are also some rumblings about former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, who would be infinitely more attractive than Koetter.