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Old Friend Braylon Could Be Best Buy

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Whenever I write here for GGN, I always try to be as impartial as possible. At the end of the day like any fan of a team, I have my favourites and I have the players I'm not too fond of. You sometimes have to put that to the back to write about what's best for the team. Anyone who was here when we signed Brodney Pool will know I loved it, I honestly thought he could be the answer. Obviously it hasn't gone that way and I think it's right to move on from Brodney and let him find a new situation. McKnight was a player that I always stood by despite his troubles in rookie camp and we are starting to see the rewards.

With that said I think I'm covering both angles here when I say that on a personal level, I would love to see Braylon Edward back with the New York Jets and on a "what's best for the team" angle, I think it would be a fantastic move. it would give Sanchez an old target back who is a proven NFL receiver, a guy who had a good chemistry from Sanchez and made the play action dangerous with his ability to stretch the field.

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I'm not going to avoid the personal issues that come with Braylon, but thinking about it; when he was with the Jets he really seemed to be turning the corner in his personal battle against himself. Yes he did have the DUI which was completely idiotic. He has had issues, and what is to stop him doing something else in the future. There are no guarantees with a player like Braylon, but in my opinion his pure talent outweighs the chance he could slip up.

Braylon is not a bad guy, he loves his fans and always makes himself available, interacts with his fans. He stood by a promise he made to 100 8th graders in Cleveland, that if they kept their GPA at 2.5 or higher and performed community service, he would pay for their college tuition. £1 million is the estimated value of this offer and even though he was bad mouthed all over Cleveland, he kept his promise.

He signed a one year deal with the 49'ers for $1 million. This could have reached as much as $3.5 million with a 90 catch season or a pro bowl appearance. A knee injury and a shoulder injury later and the 49'ers decided to cut ties with the player. Will Braylon feel slighted by the Jets, would he contemplate taking a similar contract with the team? I honestly believe he would.

When Braylon was with the Jets he seemed happier that he ever has been in the past. I guess that's what going to two AFC Championships does for you. It seemed like a perfect marriage. He spoke out with disappointment after the AFC Championship game in 2009 but by all accounts he was a good team mate and a fun character to be around.

Braylon has the speed and size that NFL teams covert. 541 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2009 (12 games) and 904 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2010. Not only does he improve the team overall, he likely improves the stats of Santonio Holmes with his ability to stretch the field and create more room underneath to get Holmes the ball. Dustin Keller, exactly the same thing. Perhaps more importantly it improves Sanchez, Edwards did have some drops early in his career and a couple with the Jets, but he drastically improved in this regard.

It won't cost a great deal, it improves the offence and it allows us to open up our draft choices to areas of need. Namely a pass rushing linebacker and some safeties. If his injuries check out, then sign me up for some more years with a receiving combination of Holmes/Braylon and Dustin Keller (and Kerley) and some more AFC Championship games and hopefully some Superbowl appearances.

Bring back and recreate the "Flight Boys"