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Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Game Thread

The NFL Playoffs begin today. Opening the slate is an interesting game down in Houston. The Texans play the first postseason game in their ten year history against the upstart Cincinnati Bengals in a battle of rookie quarterbacks. These teams met in Cincinnati less than a month ago. Houston won a game in the last seconds. That was also the last game Houston won. The Texans dropped three straight to end the year, including an ugly defeat against the Colts.

This one could go either way. I give a slight edge to the Texans. I think a home crowd that has not seen a Playoff game gives the Texans an extra edge. I also like their fantastic defense and run game. They might be starting a shaky rookie quarterback, but they were a top two run game and defense. Remind you of a certain team from two years ago?

Leave your thoughts on this game below.