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Mike Pettine: Stay or Go?

When the head coach is active on one side of the ball, it is always difficult to tell the exact impact of a coordinator. With that said, I think Mike Pettine has been pretty effective as a defensive coordinator for the Jets. In the worst of his three seasons as coordinator, his unit was considered a disappointment but still was in the top ten as far as yards against go. With one of the least productive offenses in the league, the Jets were still in position to make the Playoffs late in the year because of the defense's effectiveness.

There were some critical drives the unit allowed, but in many games, the defense was only considered a failure because offensive inefficiency forced the other side of the ball to be perfect. Had the Jets put up the same scant yardage on offense and only avoided turnovers, the defense would have provided wins against Miami and Denver and quite possibly against Baltimore as well.

Pettine has reportedly become more active in the defense as his time with the Jets has progressed. He seems to be a good fit with Rex Ryan. He was hands on implementing the defense as Rex's head coaching responsibilities gave him less time to work directly with his unit than he did in Baltimore. Pettine was also reportedly instrumental in thinking outside the box late in 2010. When the Jets' attack defense stopped working, Pettine was one of the architects of the zone coverage based schemes the team used to confound Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. When Rex Ryan got impulsive and wanted to revert back to attacking, the level headed Pettine reined him in.

I think Pettine and Rex compliment each other well. Pettine accentuates Rex's strengths and compensates for some of his weaknesses. Most importantly, Rex trusts Pettine and will listen when he disagrees. That is important.

I vote stay. How do you vote?