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Blast From The Past: Bill Shockley

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So much Negativity with the current team, I thought I would dive back in time:

Unfortunately at points during the off-season, there isn’t going to be a lot of current Jets news to talk about. To break up some free agent talk and some draft talk. Why not look back at some of the lesser known players to grace the New York Jets over their 50+ year history. I think everyone should have at least a decent grasp of the history of their team. I don’t expect many to know the name Bill Shockley, but as a history graduate and a Jets fan; I love reading about the history of this team.

Bill Shockley was a place kicker, running back, receiver and kick returner for the New York Titans, Buffao Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers. Shockley played for the Jets in their innaugral AFL season in 1960, moved to the Bills for part of 1961 and then returned to the Titans for the rest of 61 and 62. He returned in 1968 to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in one game missing the only kick attempted. Who can blame him, 6 years out of football, a spot start and he misses a kick of over 40 yards.

He made 9 of 21 kicks for a success percentage of 42.9% in 1960 and followed it up with a 44.4% success percentage in 1961 and a 50.0% success percentage in 1962, his last in a Titans uniform. Although the percentage’s look dire by todays standard, the average success percentage for field goals in 1960 stood at just 44.2%. He scored 2 touchdowns on receptions in 1960 but never reached the endzone again. So a rather underwhelming career for the New York Titans.

However he does have the honour of scoring this franchises first points. He kicked a 15 yard field goal in the secound quarter to tie the game at 3-3. The Jets would go on to win the game in swirling wind and rain in front of 10,000 spectators at the Polo Grounds on September 11th 1960 against the Buffalo Bills.

Shockley passed away on December 7th 1992, but he will always has his name in history as the first points scorer for this great Franchise.