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Talent Watch: Sugar Bowl

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The Sugar Bowl was a hard fought battle between two evenly matched teams. As far as talent the Jets could be interested in, all the talent was on the side of Virginia Tech. VT had the likes of Eddie Whitley, Blake DeChristopher, Jarrett Boykin, and David Wilson

Virginia Tech

Eddie Whitley S: As far as safeties go so far this bowl season, Whitley didn't stink. In fact, I think he played pretty well. There was one play that could have been a huge mistake, where Whitley got caught chasing a play fake. That ended with the ball getting knocked away at the line. In coverage, Whitley was very active, and aggressive. He went after the ball instead of letting the receiver or TE catch the ball and then tackling them. One of those aggressive moves resulted in a TD, but it wasn't is fault. It was just a freak play. He didn't look afraid to come up and make a tackle at the line, or in the open field. He ended the game with 5 tackles, and 1 pass defended. His stats for the year are: 83 tackles, 1 for a loss, 2 INTs, 4 passes broken up, and 1 forced fumble. The GGM Round Prediction: 2-3

Blake DeChristopher OT: Blake looked good in the Sugar Bowl. His only glaring mistake was a false start penalty. That was his only negative. The whole night, he handled the Michigan pass rush successfully. In the run game, he seemed sort of slow getting to his blocks and engaging them long enough for his RB to escape. He was very AVG in the running game as a whole. Blake has good size, being 6'5" 320. He plays RT already, so he won't have to switch sides on the Jets. The GGM Round Prediction: 3-4

Jarrett Boykin WR: Boykin is an interesting prospect. He didn't jump out at me as a huge playmaker, but more of a role player, who would play his role very well. If I had to compare him to someone, it would Cotchery. A very good possession receiver who is also an extreamly good run blocker. He made one huge block down field that kept Virginia Tech in the game. He finished the game with 4 receptions for 40 yards. His stats for the year are: 61 receptions for 761 receiving yards, and 5 TDs. The GGM Round Prediction: 5-6

David Wilson RB: David Wilson is a very talented RB, but might not be what the Jets are looking for. Wilson has alright size and speed, but looks to be more of an East West runner. Whenever he went North South, he didn't seem to be as effective. Wilson is a hard tackle though. He will bounce off tackles with ease, and squeeze out every yard he can. He did have a bone head play where he ran backwards 22 yards to take VT off the goal line. The result was a FG, which could have lost them the game. He showed some ability to catch passes either in the slot, or out of the backfield. For someone his size, I would like to see him go forward more. He ended the game with 82 rushing yards, and 3 receiving yards. His stats for the year are: 1709 rushing yards, 9 rushing TDs, 129 receiving yards, and 1 receiving TD. The GGM Round Prediction: 2-3