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Matthew Mulligan: Stay or Go?

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The Jets cut Ben Hartsock last year. Hartsock was a solid run blocker but ran horrible routes, had terrible hands, and was responsible for too many penalties. They replaced him with a new player to serve as the primary blocking tight end, Matthew Mulligan. Mulligan is a solid run blocker but runs horrible routes, has terrible hands, and is responsible for even more penalties.

If nothing else, Mulligan saved the team money. Hartsock would have made over $1.5 million to give the team next to nothing. Mullgian was at least cheap.

That does not mean he is worth keeping, though. A lot of backup linemen could fill Mulligan's role more effectively. It would be nice for the Jets to find a second tight end who could block well but was a credible enough receiver to keep a defense honest.

Mulligan is a free agent. The Jets own his rights exclusively. There is no reason to use them to keep him around. I vote go. How about you.

I have been looking forward to this profile because I think the comments for this player will be funnier than any other. Fire away below.