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Talent Watch: Pinstripe Bowl

As a Mets fan, this is one of my favorite bowl games. This is because Yankee stadium gets torn up. This year's Pinstripe Bowl featured Rutgers and Iowa State. Iowa State doesn't have much note worthy talent on their side, but Rutgers has one of the better WR prospects coming out this year. This may not sound like a good measuring stick for Mohamed Sanu, but this Iowa State secondary, pretty much shut down Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State.


Mohamed Sanu WR: Sanu's nickname is Spiderman, because he seems to climb impossible heights to make inhuman catches. The ball also sticks to his hands, like it's stuck to a web. In the Pinstripe Bowl, Rutgers didn't really send Sanu deep all that much. When they did, they didn't air it out to him, to see if he could come down with it. What they did to successfully, was use him effectively in short, to intermediate passes. Sanu found holes in the coverage very easily, and can gain separation from man coverage. Mohamed does need to work on keeping the ball closer to his body. He did almost give up a costly fumble. He ended the game with 6 receptions for 62 yards. His stats for the year are: 1206 receiving yards, 7 receiving TDs, and 115 receptions. The GGM Round Prediction: 2-3