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Potential Jets: Kareem McKenzie

I think one of Terry Bradway's biggest errors as general manager of the Jets was not finding a way to afford Kareem McKenzie. McKenzie was a very good right tackle for the Jets who signed with the Giants after the 2004 season at the young age of 26. Bradway thought converted tight end Adrian Jones could fill the void. He was wrong. It took the Jets three years until the signing of Damien Woody to adequately replace McKenzie.

McKenzie is now on the wrong side of 30. Would the Jets be wise to try and bring back the pending free agent. I am not so sure of that. While Kareem helped to lock down the right tackle spot for years for the Giants, there are real signs he is in deep decline. According to Pro Football Focus, McKenzie was beaten in pass protection to allow either a pressure, hit, or sack on 9.3% of plays in which he was a pass blocker this season. That is Wayne Hunter territory. He would probably cost more than Hunter because of his good reputation for past work.

How about run blocking? McKenzie was part of the blocking unit that helped the Giants rush for less yards than any other in the league. They only ran for 3.5 yards per carry. In fairness, the Giants were stronger running to McKenzie's right side, averaging 3.9 per run to that side and 4.1 off right tackle. That is not the indication of dominant run blocking, though.

While I think the Jets should have found a way to pay McKenzie back in 2005, bringing him back would be chasing the past. He is on the downside.

What do you think?