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NY Jets Going To The Superbowl

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Well the Jets as an organization failed to reach the big dance again this year but some former Jets will be making the journey to Indy next weekend. During Championship weekend I was dreading the thought of the Superbowl and having to watch 2 of the 3 teams I despise the most, but that feeling has been tempered by a number of factors, not least the article that Kristine Reese wrote for Aerys Sports which you can check out HERE.

I can't answer the Question; "who will you be supporting" as I can't root for either, but I would certainly prefer to see the Patriots win it for several reasons. One being that I respect Tom Brady a lot more than Eli Manning, I find the Patriots fans easier to deal with, but most of all; I want to see Shaun Ellis win a ring. That guy deserves one. I'm devastated that it can't be with the Jets but regardless he needs one. I know a lot of people prefer the Giants and that's fine, but this is just my personal opinion on the matter.

Anyway, I've composed a list of coaches and players on the Giants and Patriots who at one point used to play or coach for the Jets. Some playing a big part, some playing a small part and a couple barely playing a part at all. There are 14 in total:


Head Coach - Bill Belichick (1997-1999 as Coach)

Defensive Line - Pepper Johnson (1997-1998 as a Player)

Running Back- Danny Woodhead (2008-2010 as Player)

Defensive End- Shaun Ellis (2000-2010 as Player)

Safety- James Ihedigbo (2007-2010 as Player)

Wide Receiver- Britt Davis (2009-2010 as Player)


Linebackers - Jim Herrmann (2006-2008 as Coach)

Secondary/Cornerbacks - Peter Giunta (1995-1996 as Coach)

Secondary/Safeties - David Merritt (2001-2003 as Coach)

Assistant Special Teams - Larry Izzo (2009 as Player)

Assistant Strength and Conditioning - Markus Paul (2005-2006 as Coach)

Running Back- DJ Ware (2007 as Player)

Offensive Tackle- Kareem McKenzie (2001-2004 as Player)

Punter- Steve Weatherford (2009-2010 as Player)

If I have missed any off the list, feel free to add it to the comments below.