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Curtis Martin Believes Manning to the Jets Makes Sense

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Is there another former player that the Jets faithful respect more than Curtis Martin? personally I can't think of one. So to follow up the article below about Peyton Manning and him potentially landing with the Jets this off-season, Curtis Martin was speaking to ESPN New York when he commented:

"That’s a great opportunity," said the Hall of Fame finalist Saturday in an interview with "I’m not saying anything against Mark Sanchez, but Peyton Manning … I have a lot of respect for the guy. I played against him for a number of years. I wouldn’t care who was on my team -- if Peyton Manning was available, I would go after him."

"You’re literally talking about one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game," he continued. "Him having a year off, the type of competitor Peyton Manning is, I think he’s going to come back and surprise everyone and be even stronger -- if he can come back."

There has been a lot of public support for Sanchez from the Jets organization which means absolutely nothing in football. In fact, it works the other way with this franchise, if they are talking someone up a lot I wouldn't put it past them to move on from that person. I would like to see Sanchez given another year in a simpler system and I agree with people who say pursuing Manning doesn't make a great deal of sense after the offensive coach hirings this off-season.

Woody Johnson likes a splash though and if the Giants win the Superbowl, bringing in Manning turns the media attention back to the Jets. I don't think it happens, I don't know how healthy Peyton will be and I don't know how financially we can make it happen, I don't know what we do with Sanchez with a stop gap like Peyton. There are a million questions in relation to a move like this; one thing I do know is as much as Spocks logical mind says "No", I'm a little interested in having one of the greatest QB's of all time play with a team that has plenty of talent.