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Logan Payne: Stay or Go?

Of all the moves the Jets made in 2011, their handling of Logan Payne might have been the oddest. Payne earned a roster spot in preseason playing excellent ball on special teams coverage units. This was way more significant than a bottom of the roster wide receiver putting up big receiving stats in preseason because special teams is where backups actually contribute.

Payne dislocated his wrist in preseason, though. The Jets held a roster spot for him for almost half the year. Then they placed him on injured reserve. Why hold a roster spot for somebody so inconsequential? Cheap special teams guys are not hard to find. Then after investing all that time holding a spot for him, why place him on IR? That really did not make much sense.

I think Payne deserves to come back once again to try and play his way onto the team, but I cannot imagine anybody feeling passionately one way or the other.