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Patrick Turner: Stay or Go?

After Jeff Cumberland got hurt, the Jets used Patrick Turner almost like a tight end. He was frequently inside helping to run block. Considering he is a wide receiver by trade, Turner held his own pretty well trying to block front seven players who are trained to play against the run.

Patrick was less active as a receiver, registering only 8 catches. That might be misleading, though. The Jets only sent him out on a pattern 106 times. He was not considered a primary target in this offense either even when he was sent out. He had some significant grabs, though, like the one to extend the game on fourth and 17 in the last minute in Denver and the touchdown Week 17 that kept the season alive. Mark Sanchez seemed to have faith his college teammate with the 6'5" frame would get the ball if he threw it up to him. Turner did seem to learn a bit better how to use his big frame to go get balls.

Patrick is entering his fourth year in the league. I think this is a make or break time for him. He has had a few years to develop. My feeling on roster spots is that they should go to either good players or guys with the potential to develop into good players. If Turner is not ready to make a jump after three years of training, he probably never will. I think the best move would probably be to bring him back for training camp and see whether this is the time for him to contribute. If not, cut him loose. His big frame and blocking skills are probably small bonuses since the offense seems to be shifting to utilizing the power run game. So is his chemistry with his college teammate, Sanchez. I would not feel strongly, however, if the Jets decided to cut ties.