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Flight Connections 01-27-12

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Yahoo!: HC Rex Ryan is a big loser leading to the big game.

Asbury Park Press: Jet and Eagles fans are green with envy.

Newsday: WR Plaxico Burress's legacy still lingers for the Giants.

Daily News: CB Darrelle Revis made it clear that there was plenty of discord.

The Post: C Nick Mangold calls Peyton Manning joining the Jets a "big crazy idea".

Jets Flight Deck: Pros and cons with the Manning debate.

JetNation: Peyton's place should not be with the Jets.

ESPN New York: Positional analysis, linebackers.

Central Michigan Life: Catching up with LB Nick Bellore.

U of L Card Game: Catching up with RB Bilal Powell.

Fox Sports: Penn State's D'Anton Lynn is digging an NFL path of his own. This is the son of RB Coach Anthony Lynn.

Daily Record: Former Jets DT Lou Benfatti remembers the lessons he learned from playing for PSU's Joe Paterno.

Newsday: Former Jets RT Kareem McKenzie isn't thrilled with the way things unfolded with the iconic coach.

New York Times: Former Jets QB Joe Namath looks back with a smile.

Washington Post: Greg Schiano and the Jets could have made a perfect match.

OSN: Football fans are excited to watch the Patriots or Giants lose the Super Bowl.