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Would Going After Manning Go Against the Jets Offseason Philosophy?

The Peyton Manning talk won't be going away anytime soon. I have the feeling the Jets will be mentioned in connection to Manning, up until a destination is decided. The thought of two of the best QBs, of this era, playing in the same division, is very tempting. The thought brings me back to the days of Favre. When Brett came in, our hopes and dreams went into overdrive, knowing a Hall of Famer, would be tossing the rock for us. Of course, we know how that whole ordeal ended. With that being said, a healthy Manning is on a whole other level of QB play than Favre ever was. His field general mentality would take over our offense, and make it his own.

Once you look past all the glamor of a move to bring Manning to the Jets, you are left with theory that doesn't make much sense for the Jets. More after the jump...

One of the biggest problem our offense faced in 2011, was our movement away from the running game. The Jets decided to become a more pass oriented offense, and leave behind our bread and butter. This team is made to run he ball tough and hard. Rex knew he had to get back to his running roots, but the damage was already done. Rex and company have made it clear that the ground and pound will be back. No other move made this more evident than the signing of our new offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano. Tony's roots lie with the offensive line and the running game. When his name 1st surfaced, it was said that he will be in control of bringing back our running game.

By all accounts, it looks like every one on the Jets have focused on bringing back the running game. Where would this rushing rebirth go if Manning is brought in. You don't bring in Manning to run the ball 30 times a game. A Manning move would neutralize any plans to be the tough, ground and pound team we wanted to be. In effect, the trade to bring Manning here would counter anything that has already been put in place for 2012.

This counter, philosophical thinking, is just one of many reasons to think this move would never happen. Other reasons might include price, Sanchez, health, and other team needs. The more you look at it, the more there is to think he will not be coming here. Even still, it will be force fed to us until Manning's future is sealed.