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What Is Our Biggest Need?

It seems to me that as the Jets move forward into the offseason, they need to prioritize. There a lot of things that need to be fixed on the team, but when push comes to shove, there needs to be a priority list. Among the things that need to be addressed are safety, right tackle, wide receiver, linebacker, quarterbacks, coaching, and so on.

Some things should be the focus of the draft, such as wide receiver and linebacker. Others are more suited to free agency, like safety and right tackle. But I believe the biggest concern has to be coaching. Last year, many people believed our most important "move" was signing Tom Moore as a consultant. Damien Woody was very adamant on Twitter that it was the biggest change we made.

We've long said that the team will only go as far as Mark Sanchez can take us. Other positions like safety and right tackle can be fixed with a new player. With all we have invested in Sanchez, it's nearly impossible for us to get a "new" player. Instead, we have to look to coaching to get him where he needs to be. We all saw with the Panthers, Broncos, and 49ers what good coaching can do for a quarterback. Sanchez needs something similar, an innovator who can play to his strengths, while helping him get better at his weaknesses.

Now, Tony Sparano is, in my opinion, a good replacement for Schottenheimer. But he isn't what's important. Getting a QB coach or passing coordinator who can balance with the ground game and play to Sanchez's strengths is. I've made it clear before that I don't think Matt Cavanaugh is that guy. I feel as though our next season lies in the hands of Mike Tannenbaum and his decision on how to progress with the coaching of the quarterback position.

How about you all, though? What do you think is our biggest need, coming in to the offseason?